In retrospect I should have ventured deeper..

The quietest afternoon I’ve ever spent in Portsea.

Found a festival celebrating tulips/Dutch things on today’s ride in the hills, so of course I stopped to get some Poffertjes.

Picked these up from Saba on a whim one lunch break..

That afternoon the weather was perfect and we had the beach to ourselves..

I almost bawled my eyes out when Runaway came on.

Another night down at DISC for the brunswick cc track meet. Alex was moved up a grade and still showed them whos boss, and Harry is well on the up.

An evening with the gooses at the grace darling hotel.

Spring is finally here.

PSA: today a miss world australia winner liked a couple of my selfies on ig, confused but ill take it.

Growing on me.

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9 from Gladswood.

I did a case study of the house a few doors up for a university piece a while back. The only thing more charming than the property was the family that lives there.

Anonymous asked: I want you all over me like syrup on hot pancakes #sexsyrup


36 hours in Sydney.

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