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i hope this is the lady who lives two doors up and sees me naked in my kitchen most mornings.

GPOYW: a hot and tired boy edition.

the garmin was reading above 43c for most of yesterdays ride down the peninsula. fortunately for us the pillars at mount martha was our destination, where we jumped off the cliffs and enjoyed the cool water for a few hours before completing the last 40km of the days work.

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2014 marks the beginning of the soup boys, and what will no doubt grow into a major cycling juggernaut amongst the lower grades of local cycling. if you’re from Melbourne and into bikes, pizza, cake, american rap songs, shisha, gyros and italian hot chocolate you will be welcomed with open arms. Accompanying the regular post work city laps is a new addition to the calendar; Domain Laps. Before the harsh mistresses of work and uni life begin each day, the soup boys will gather in the leafy surrounds of the melbourne botanic gardens and the kings domain to come together and punch out a few laps through parklands and the bourgeois properties of the inner inner south east, chasing sprint points and strava KOM’s before finishing at brunettis in city square for a quick warm [or cold] beverage before departing ways to earn them dollars or get that education. All are welcome, for any more information just drop me an ask.

I caught up with my old work colleague Dylan on a number of occasions whilst he came to my parents neck of the woods for his families annual camping trip. We indulged in some of the finest things bright has to offer, like the river, waterslides and the brewery.

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Title: Blood On The Leaves Artist: Kanye West 2,591 plays

Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves

I just need to clear my mind now,
It’s been racing since the summertime

Took the day off work on Saturday, went to the polo. It was a good decision.

silence in the forest iv


we stopped up the top of sullivans lookout on the tawonga gap road to take in the view and see where we just rode before heading down into bright for pizza.


Screenshot from One Long Summer Redux: Alps

there was a really great moment on friday as we were riding along the top of mount hotham towards the pub and our lunch stop. alex had been placed with myself, ben and barry, three riders who are built for, and have experience in the hills, and after only the first kilometre it was pretty evident that the next 29 kilometres uphill were going to be a bit of a struggle for him. I waited for him at the top of the meg before we hit the easier section through the middle of the climb, where he was quick to drop me, but knowing how tough the final few kilometres would be i let him ride off ahead. Ten kilometres down the road we began heading skyward again, and as i reached the bottom of the final push to the finish i could see alex a few hundred metres up the road. by the time i had reached him he had only moved another hundred metres or so up the road and was clearly struggling. instead of sticking with my initial plan to head straight to the top to see how much i need to improve for the next tour of bright, I stuck by him, shouting encouragement along the way, taking quick rest stops so he could regain his legs, getting his climbing technique down whether that was saddle position or even zig zagging from one side of the road to the other. when i reached the top i rode around in circles, waiting for him to make the last few hundred metres of what was a brutal climb, even for myself at times. we then headed down into the hotham village together, and exchanged congratulatory high fives. as it flattened out a bit more he entered familiar terrain and shot off ahead for a sprint [colloquially known as a Cav moment] leaving me behind laughing and taking everything in. after yelling out saying he might give up in the first few kilometres to making it up to the top of his first climb [and a hors categorie one at that] was an absolutely mammoth effort, and one that i was only too happy to be a part of.

The golden spurs rodeo in Myrtleford celebrated its 60th year on boxing day this year, and we arrived after doing some recon of the rides around the Alpine Valley and taking a walk through a few pine forests. With my sisters who were much more familiar with rodeo’s guiding me through the rules of most of the disciplines I spent the night half confused as to what was going on and half witnessing cowboys and cowgirls honing their skills for the crowd. It was certainly an interesting night, rodeos are fascinating events.

Last week I took part in the Rapha Festive 500, a challenge to ride 500km between christmas eve and new years eve. All up I managed to ride 503km and over 8000 vertical metres thanks to me and my friends battling up four of the biggest hill climbs in the country [Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Mount Buffalo and Dinner Plain]. With rides like these only a short drive from my parents house its astonishing to think I didn’t take up road cycling earlier than I did. Thanks to all the guys who came along for the journey, a mix of laughs, suffering, alpine streams, pizza and minimal sleep.

Hills [half] covered in pine trees belonging to Carter Holt-Harvey greet you on the road into Myrtleford.


Just another year in review post

in 2013 I…

  • came out of what the hardcore kids call “pit retirement” for the comeback kid show in ringwood
  • tore through the ligaments in my ankle
  • jumped off some cliffs
  • totaled my car
  • sang in a band
  • worked for red bull formula 1 team
  • kissed a girl i liked, then regretted it
  • left my old job for something new. something that gave me less pay, longer hours but a better working environment. I’ve met some of the most fantastic people because of it
  • bought a new car
  • left the band
  • played for two indoor soccer teams [28FC & Mavericks FC]
  • got diagnosed with some bullshit that I’m still fighting with
  • watched my boys in the yellow and black contest the finals for the first time in over a decade
  • drowned my sorrows with friends as Tony Abbott won the federal election
  • rode my bike a heap
  • made some great new friends
  • moved house
  • took a few girls way out of my league out on dates [separately]
  • had my fifa win streak broken
  • published a book
  • did the festive 500
  • began the home turn towards graduating from university [finally]

In 2014…

  • I want to finish off 7 peaks [3 to go]
  • I’m aiming to finish up this collaborative project I’m doing with a friend that will be totally kick ass
  • I’m going to take more photos [jobs lined up over the first five months of the year]
  • I’ll enter my first bike race
  • I’m going to keep taking pretty girls out on dates
  • I want to sleep more and worry less
  • I’ll be seeing off the year in the northern hemisphere

Having spent 95% of December in my store, I finally began my week off last night. I took advantage of the 24 hour trading on offer at Highpoint and parts of the CBD to begin my gift purchasing, all whilst taking in some of the sights of a city that does Christmas better than most.

GPOYW: about to attend a house party edition.

Bag of grainwaves and mineral water duct taped to my hands, lets rock.

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