Checked into my hotel, went and picked up a car, and then in disgustingly predictable fashion i went and got my first look at the Rapha cycling club in Surry Hills. Pretty good fitout.

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next week i am taking a week off work, uni and could almost call it a holiday. you could also say that its my first since 2010. I’ll be heading up to sydney from the 17th to the 22nd and staying in the CBD. I’ve already got some plans for my trip, but it will be my first trip up there so if theres any sydneysiders reading this with their own suggestions, please make them known. Leave the best places to check out in your city here or here, and hell if you’re keen to come show me those places then awesome, lets hang out and grab a drink.

The last week via my iphone: moved to the other side of the vale, retail therapy, long days at uni, bikes both after midnight and standard park lap top paddock collabs.

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alex at the top of lake mountain


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yesterday morning i woke at 5am to drive out to gippsland with the bike to tackle mount baw baw, regarded as the second hardest climb in the world. you can learn a lot about yourself in six kilometres.

GPOYW: polaroid edition.

taken by dorothy.


another day spent driving to a secluded part of the state with friends to ride bikes and see some great scenery. stopped for a moment at an incredibly quiet stretch of the black spur to stretch the legs and reflect on the day.

Melbourne; Soup Boys style.

Featuring all the regulars. Coffee shops, pizza joints, shisha lounges, the spots for the best local rides, all officially endorsed.

Store coming soon.

Stood in my driveway, cat rubbing up against my leg, coffee in hand watching the sun make it’s way above the top of my street.


What a difference a few weeks make…

Its fair to say that I had a pretty mediocre start to 2014. The people I see on a regular basis already know the story, but for those playing along at home it began with my camera and a lot of other gear getting completely destroyed on New Years Eve. This was followed up by illness, then my car breaking down. I managed to get over my illness and my car was sent to the mechanic, to be honest I didn’t really mind, at least I still had my bike to get around town on. Until it got stolen. And then everything that caused me to implode circa mid last year came back, all whilst tickets were going on sale for Kanye’s tour.

Fast forward a few weeks and I managed to replace my bike thanks to a guy in Caufield naively giving up on his project track bike. The car is fixed and ready to go, all that’s left is for me to have a day off to pick it up. Kanye ticket was sorted, which just left me with my camera. Somehow I managed to get a guy to fly down from Sydney, get a hire car to my house, and give me camera [see above] for half the price I was offering another guy across town the afternoon before.

So on Thursday last week, at exactly 1 in the afternoon as had been arranged a white car with the Hertz stickers emblazoned on the side pulled up outside my house, and out jumped a middle aged guy called Cenk. We spoke for twenty minutes or so. Turns out he had been a pro for the last fifteen years, but was giving it all up and moving to Prague with his wife, the city they met whilst on holiday. He was reluctant to sell but glad it was going to someone who was going to make good use of it, he “still had his Leica’s anyway”. We parted ways, him back to the airport, me back to work and all of a sudden everything was back to normal.

I’ve very rarely been on the receiving end of good luck. Ventures have been started and reluctantly ended and opportunities have been missed due to a variety of inexplicable circumstances, so come the second last week of February I wasn’t at all surprised at how the start of the year had panned out. But then like a switch had been flicked everything has been turned on its head. By chance I came across the perfect bike and then almost immediately after, a guy willing to travel interstate to sell me his camera. Even just this week I’ve won a few random competitions, money, and gift cards but despite all this I still have this feeling that its just going to go back to the way it was. All I’ll do is wait and hope that doesn’t happen..

On the weekend I went and watched Amelie on a rooftop in the city. It was cold but very good.

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London Bridge on a day where the surf report was wildly inaccurate.


this morning i felt the way i imagine a hangover would feel like.

some times you have mornings where you wake up before sunrise, you fight past the dog in the loungeroom to get on a bike and ride down the road to the beach. once at the beach you perch yourself on top of some cliffs, you jump off the top in the nude, the freezing water waking you up better than any espresso your local barista could whip up, and you watch the sun rise, completely alone and untroubled.

its mornings just like the one i had on thursday that make you forget all the shit you have to deal with in your day to day life, mornings that really make you forget all your worries, and make you realise that australia can be a pretty beautiful country when it wants to be.