Photos from the 2013 Australian Grand Prix:

I feel completely honoured to have worked with not only my favourite sporting team this year, but a team that in the last hour have completed a quadruple double. Four straight Formula 1 constructors world championships, and number one driver Sebastian Vettel taking home his third straight drivers world championship. I look forward to picking up yet another gold leaf championship shirt at the start of next season.

my good friends in Head Check played their last ever show last night, going out in style. this resulted in me attending bang and making a brief pit/pretending i can take band photos cameo.

The sun decided to show itself for the first time this week late this afternoon.

Where I’ve spent a few of my afternoons recently.

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Brian Eno - By This River

Anonymous asked: have always had a huge crush on you. hope youre well, good to see you're writing again.


this week: bought a suit, went through 2 brunettis coffee loyalty cards, rode a bunch, bought another suit, worked a bunch, celebrated three of my friends birthdays, weekly weigh in indicated im back to losing weight, bought a third suit [its been a rough year, dudes gotta cope], started driving my car again, watched alex get high and eat a lot of pizza, 6 straight leg days, went to the italian film festival, enjoyed the sun whilst it was out, listened to a lot of sad music and started writing again.

Westerfolds Park.


Oh my god can I just say that your hair is totally fucking amazing.

Every girl ever

Flinders Street Station Exterior II from my series The Hoddle Grid.

Go and explore your city.

Ascot Vale has my heart.


Europe does everything better. Their cars, their clothes, girls, food, their football teams, even their mountains. If you’ve got one hell of a sense of adventure, you’re into bikes, or taking photos and doing cool stuff with video, drawing, writing or even just really into travel this could be for you.

I’m needing to create things to look forward to in these tough times, and whilst it is only in its early stages, I have spent the last few months beginning to plan my new project that will cover a range of formats. A project which i have swiftly come to the conclusion is by far my most stupendously ambitious endeavour yet, but once again focusing on adventure and encouraging others to either join in, or inspire them to create their own adventures.

Open to absolutely anybody from any corner of the globe, if you are even slightly interested and/or would possibly like to know a bit more, shoot me an email and ill give you a bit of lowdown about the whole thing.

the favourite part of your trip to america was the free refills and i’m damn glad you’re back.

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Anonymous asked: what's that device on your bike?

it’s a garmin edge 510.

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Walk The Moon - Quesadilla

"When I seen your long hair come down
It turned my head inside out
And I want you, I want you
I still do..”