Print: Daydream Mine Rd

8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4cm)
 Inkjet fine art print on Moab Summerset Museum Rag 300 paper,
stamped and dated on the reverse by the photographer.

"Daydream Mine Rd" was captured during a design research trip to Broken Hill in outback NSW during the winter of 2015. Work during this research trip centred around projects utilising found typography, looking at the role communication design can play in urban renewal, and screenprinting and projection workshops at the Broken Hill Film Studio.

Silverton is a small village with a population of 50 people, located 25km west of Broken Hill. The only road connecting the two place is Silverton Rd, cutting through the outback landscape in long, straight sections. Occasionally dry creek beds, rocky outcrops and low, rollings hills add some visual interest to the surrounds, Daydream Mine Rd the jewel in the crown as it snakes north off Silverton Rd; firstly between, then over crests before you arrive at your destination some twelve kilometres later: the historic Daydream Mine.

As these prints are made to order there may be 1 to 2 week delay to dispatch.
Inkjet printing (sometimes known as giclée) is an art printing process, where tiny dots of ink are sprayed through a series of nozzles on to paper. The result is exceptional detail and a wider colour gamut than is possible with traditional photographic C-type prints.